Our Highlight Reel

The most important goal of the TRiO programs here at UCF is to grow and mold scholars of the future!  We are beyond proud of the accomplishments of our talented scholars in both our pre-collegiate and collegiate programs!!

Here is where we honor YOU!!!  YOU are the proof that #TRiOworks

Check out some of the honors and accolades our scholars have achieved while in our TRiO programs


Collegiate Programs:

Project Best:

  • Project BEST has graduated 22 scholars since their grant began in 2005
  • Project BEST scholars have received Dean’s list honors 141 times since the programs inception. Likewise, they have received President’s List Honors 36 times since Fall 2016

Prime STEM:

Scholars on the move:

As part of PRIME STEM’s Newsletter campaign, scholars are featured.  The spotlight chronicles their accomplishments both in and out of the classroom.  Check out a few of our scholars on the move below!

  • Lovely Davilmar, Senior Health Sciences Pre Clincal Major
    • Ms. Davilmar is graduating in Spring 2019 with plans to pursue a Master’s degree in Health Policy.  She is currently an intern with Florida Hospital East Orlando’s Simulation Center.  In addition, Lovely has the distinct opportunity to establish the 1st human trafficking protocol that will be enacted by the Florida Hospital system.  From this opportunity, Lovely has been able to propose and implement simulated human trafficking trainings, represent the simulation center at hospital system-level meetings, attend confernces and meeting related hosted by FH, and finally become involved with the Central Florida STEM council.
    • Ms. Davilmar credits the PRIME STEM Career Academy with connecting her to her current internship opportunity.  The one piece of advice she give is that “Experience is the best teacher.  If you work hard, your work ethic speaks for you.  Also, to be open to where opportunities can take you. The outcome can be life-changing!”
  • Giuliano Lobos, Senior Biomedical Sciences Major
    • Mr.Lobos spent the summer working an internship with Boston University Deparment of Biology.  Finding the opportunity through a quick Google search, Guiliano embarked on one of the best experiences of his academic career.  He was able to work with some “very bright minds” that assisted him on deciding what direction he would like for his career to go in. It solidfied his interests in becoming a medical doctor, peaking his interest the most is the ability to work with pateints.  The highlight of his internship was working with Dr. Fuxman Bass (biology professor).  Sharing a kinsmanship via their Argentian background, Guiliano found a mentor in Dr. Bass and fostered a great relationship with him.  Since the internship, Guiliano has been offered a job as a lab technician with Dr. Bass as well as earned a glowing letter of recommendation from him.  The network that he was exposed to during the course of his internship offers Mr. Lobos a wealth of future opportunities for him to embark on.  Along with the laboratory skills gained, Guiliano participated in a research presentation in front of the biology department. While nervous, Guiliano believes that the experience was useful for the development of his public speaking skills for his future.
  • Connor Smith, Senior Computer Science Major, Owner/President of Naturalistics 
    • In 2017, Mr. Smith started the Naturalistics company accidentally.  Attempting to solve a problem with presistent acne, he wanted to find product that worked longer than a couple of months.  Last summer after a mixture of boredom and curiosity, Connor made a 100% natural anti-acne cream.  The product was a hit for him and was highly requested amongst his friends. As his demand grew, he and his friends started a company for the product.  Since he has expanded to create 2 product lines: a moisturizing anti-acne cream for daily use and an anti-acne serum for stubborn acne prone areas, all with 100% natural ingredients.  While the little details and late nights of the entrpenurial life can be hard, Mr. Smith gives this advice, “Never be afraid to admit you can’t do everything alonge and ask for help! You’ll be amazed how often friends and family will pitch in to see someone they care about succeed.”


Pre-Collegiate Programs:

Project REACH

  • Congratulations to Alanis Patino, Ashley Pimentel, Gabriel Rivera, Taniangely Rosario, Rafael Hernandez, Maria Duque, Gerald Francis, John Ngo, Gialam Tran, and Ashley Garcia on becoming Project REACH Ambassadors

Project PACE 

  • Congratulations to Project PACE scholar, Cory, on his acceptance to the Naval Academy